ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2017 Serial

In protection software industry, ESET might be a name that doesn’t come to your mind. Indeed, ESET is a company that lacks on recognition, but doesn’t lack on results. In fact, ESET products, such ESET NOD32, are quite good according to independent lab tests.

Despite the reasonable ESET NOD32 scores on lab tests, that’s still not enough to get it recognized as a top product. Kaspersky, Trend Micro and BitDefender all earned a perfect 18 points score on last AV-Test report, while ESET NOD32 only got 15.5 points.

ESET NOD32 has a simple user interface and it’s quite easy to use. One thing I enjoy on this product are the malware detection pop ups. In general, antivirus pop up for each threat they found, while ESET pops up once, and while it detects threats they are shown on the same pop up. That is a good improvement on user experience.

Moreover, ESET did a nice job on system scan. It’s surprisingly very fast compared with other antivirus on the market. The system scan is also optimized, avoiding to scan files that ESET know they are safe. In other words, on your very first scan, any file on your computer could be a threat. The program while scans your system, sets a certain file as safe/clean. On next scan, when that file is reached, if not modified then it’s skipped because ESET knows on last scan the file was clean. That has a huge impact. It makes your system scan sooo quick!!

Now that I introduced shortly my thoughts on ESET NOD32, it’s time to see how to activate it.

And you will like it since you can simply use keys 🙂

Installing ESET NOD32

If you don’t have ESET NOD32 latest version (2017, v10) installed and running, no problem. You can download the file from official sources along 30 days free to use license.

The installation is easy and fast, and for that reason there’s no need to cover it step by step.


Activating NOD32

This is easy. All you need is a license key, which you can get below.

Click here. You will see a Ad for 5 seconds! Skip it, and you reach Pastebin where you can pick any license. Thanks for supporting me 🙂

Then just enter it on the program. In fact, after installing, you will see a window to enter a key and activate the program.




Thanks to for the keys!


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