Stardock Start10 Crack

Start10 from Stardock adds the familiar Windows 7 Start menu experience to Windows 10. Quickly access your most used items, search your PC more effectively and personalize the look and behavior of your Start menu.

The program includes the search menu back in the Start menu, quick links to core system functionality restored, “All Programs” folder metaphor is maintained, and texture can be applied to Start10 background and taskbar. These are some of Start10 features.

How to activate Start10

This tutorials goal is show you how you can activate Start10 easily! Some hackers have developed a setup package that is pre activated.

What does it mean? The hackers installed the program, modified the files they needed to enable all the features, and repacked those files to create the setup. The advantage of this is you don’t need to do anything, except installing the program using this special package, that is exactly the same as installing the program trial.

First, let me tell you the package is perfectly well done, has no malware and no corrupted files. I tested the program my self under sand boxed environment and didn’t detect any suspicious activity. The hacker really only changed one or two files, so that the program thinks you have a genuine license.

In conclusion, it’s a very safe package, and you will feel like you are just installing the program. Don’t forget Start10 is for Windows 10 only, not for older Microsoft Windows OS.

You can get the package through the Download button below. It installs the version 1.5

  1. When you have the executable file on your local disk, run it.
  2. Follow all steps to complete the installation.
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  4. Run the program. Check under About if it says trial and when the license expires. If not, that means the program is activated. On this case, you can also note a button with content Deactivate license
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That’s it. You are ready to customize your start menu and taskbar! 🙂



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