Nitro Pro 10.5 Crack

Nitro Pro 10 handles PDF files and digital documents effortlessly, from the desktop to the Cloud. It helps you easily create industry-standard PDF files from almost any file format. Nitro Pro 10 lets you quickly create, convert, combine, edit, sign, and share industry-standard PDF files for superior results and savings. It gives you a powerful set of easy-to-use tools that make working with digital documents simple, straightforward, and more cost-effective.
This article was written on 29th July and supports latest Nitro Pro version

Getting ready: Files you need

The goal of this article is simple: have the full version of Nitro Pro. For that, we need a couple of files. First of all, the setup. And secondly, we need a keygen (this is required because we will use offline activation. Using the installation ID and a default serial, this tool will compute an activation code).


To ensure you get the very latest version, I recommend you to download the online installer from here (direct link).


The keygen is a simple executable file. First of all, I recommend you to turn off your antivirus. The keygen might be reported as a threat. Click the button below to download it.

Instructions! Read it carefully

Now that we have all files we need, we are ready to go.

Installing Nitro

To install Nitro, run the setup file (nitro_pro10.exe).

Follow all the instructions.
When the installation is completed, disable your internet connection. Leave the “Launch Nitro Pro 10” checked and click Finish.

Now that we have Nitro running, also run the keygen.
It’s very important that you follow all my steps very carefully to make sure it works.

On Nitro Pro 10, go to Help tab and click Activate. A small dialog box will show with two activation options. Select I have a serial number and click Continue.

The Nitro Pro 10 Activation Assistant will open. Now, copy your Installation ID code and Paste it on the keygen. You must paste it on the second text box, identified as Inst ID (1)
On the keygen, press GEN button. (2) This should generate a code that will appear on the third text box, CERT.
Back to Activation Assistant, click Next. (3)

Click Next again on Step 2.
On Step 3, we need to enter the serial number and activation code.
(1) Go to the keygen. Copy the code on Lic Num. Paste it on Serial Number box from Nitro Assistant.
(2) Copy the CERT code from the keygen and paste it on that big text box on Nitro Assistant.
(3) Click Activate

You should get a successful message.

 After a long process, you now have Nitro Pro 10 activated. Hope it works for you 🙂

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