BitDefender Total Security 2017 Serial

For the fourth year in a row, Bitdefender won several awards and it’s considered the best security solution for 2017! BitDefender 2017 is finally out, with several improvements and new features.

The new version from the Romanian company added Wi-Fi Security Advisor that scans the networks you connect to for security holes; a faster detection for the must-have Anti-Rasonware protection; For Total Security, System TuneUp now has a Disk CleanUp to easily get ride of clutter. Of course, there are some behind the scenes improvements related with antivirus engine to improve speed, detection and general protection!

The BitDifender 2017 products line have a much more user friendly interface. It’s looks very good, I must say! It’s much more intuitive. The BitDefender Central also had refinements, with a new dashboard and streamlined interface.

On this tutorial, I am going to share some license codes for Total Security 2017. Moreover, I am trying to add information about extended trials, giveaways, promotional codes, etc.

License Codes

Note: First of all, I want to highlight that some of the below keys might be region limited, devices limited, and more! In other words, this means that despite the fact all the keys worked for me or other people, it’s not 100% certain that it will work for you! Perhaps, if you detect some key it doesn’t work for you, let me know on the comments πŸ™‚

The activation is done on BitDefender Central, where you can manage activity on all devices protected with BitDefender and where you use your account.

Once you login, on left side panel, click My Subscriptions. After, click on blue button Activation Code.

To get the keys click on the box below:

Click here. You will see a Ad for 5 seconds! Skip it, and you reach Pastebin where you can pick any license. Thanks for supporting me πŸ™‚

Hope one of them works for you πŸ™‚


90 days trial for 5 Devices

You can get an extended trial for free. Hurry up before it ends πŸ˜‰

Browse to the giveaway page, fill in your email, check the I am not a Robot and click Get it now. You should receuve an email with detailed instructions.


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