EaseUS Data Recovery 10.8 Pro / Technician Crack

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, as it names suggests, it’s a data recovery program for data loss situations.

The program aims to recover data lost from deleting, formatting, partition lost, OS corrupted, virus attatcks and other situations.

The program, in addition to support all storage media types (internal/external hard drives, USB drive, mobile devices, memory card, …), also supports all file types such email, media or documents.

On this tutorial I am going to show how to crack Data Recovery Wizard 10.8. There are a few editions available, however, with this tutorial I am focusing on Technician edition. Just like Pro edition, it has all features, where the only difference is the license type. Check the comparasion.

Getting started

On this short section, I provide the files you need: the setup and crack.

Setup for EaseUS Data Recovery

First of all, you need to install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Therefore, you must download an executable file, which we call setup. Get it from official sources, here.


The crack it’s a text file, type batch. A batch file is kind of DOS script file and contains OS commands that will be interpretated, in this case, by Command Prompt (cmd.exe) on Windows.

Hit the download button to save it your local disk.


By the time, you should have the .BAT file (or crack if you want to call so) and the installer for Data Recovery.

You must start by installing the software, running drw_trial.exe file.


Follow all the instructions, until you get Installation was successful step. Uncheck all the boxes and click Finish.


Copy the .BAT file. Despite your system type, whatever you have x86 or x64 system type, browse to C:\Program Files\Ease US\EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Of course, if you used a custom location for the installation, you must open it.

Paste the file there, like shown below.


Right click hover the file, and then click Run as administrator. A command line window will open without any output. The truth is, the script is working and will take some time. It might take 2-3 minutes or even more (depending on your CPU and Disk). You don’t need to worry, sooner or later the window will close, which in other words means the script is done.


Furthermore, the reason it takes so much time, is that the script it’s writing a text file that contains several license keys.


Finally, you should open Data Recovery to ensure you have the Technician edition.

Enjoy 🙂


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