Acronis Disk Director 12 Serial

Acronis Disk Director 12 is a disk management tool.

It has features for partition management, allowing you to create, customize, split, resize, merge, format and organize partitions on your local disk.

In addition, it has volume recovery functionality in case you lost or deleted data partitions or your operating system fails.

Moreover, allows you to close disks. A great feature if you are going to replace your old hard disk. Acronis Disk Director will move all the data to the new hard disk with cloning capabilities.

In conclusion, it’s a great tool if you are looking for a disk management tool. Whether you need to do a quick partition split without damaging your data or you are looking for a professional tool to boot your crashed machine and repair the disk, Acronis Disk Director 12 is an option to have on mind.

This post supports latest Acronis Disk Director version 12

Install and activate Disk Director

Disk Director 12

First of all, in case you have Disk Director installed, you need to uninstall it.

You can download the software from official resources. Here it’s the direct link for the setup (English).

Whenever you have the setup file on your local disk, run it.

On the first window, you can get the manual if you wish. Click Install Acronis Disk Director 12.


A new wizard will show up. Click setting up the program.

At certain point, the wizard will ask you to activate the software (also providing option to start trial). Select the check box Enter the serial number. Click below to get the code and paste it into the text input. Click Next

Click here to visit Pastebin. You will find the needed codes. Support me! Just wait 5 seconds, skip the Ads, and reach Pastebin. 🙂


When you hit Next button, the program will ask you for another code. It’s the second license key from the Pastebin (link above). Copy it, and paste it on the text field. Click Next.


Keep following all the instructions to install the program. Once you finish it, you can use it without limitations. Enjoy 🙂


Acronis Disk Director Boot Images

For this section I provide pre build boot images for Acronis Disk Director. This is useful if you don’t have any functional operating system. You can easily create a bootable DVD/USB with the images.

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