Kaspersky 2017 Trial Reset

Kaspersky 2017 is now available for public (non-BETA).

Kaspersky products are known for powerful protection against threats such malware, network attacks and many others. It protects
your files and personal indentity, your system and your online work. Security solutions are more sofisticated nowadays.
It is not only about protection anymore. In addition to a great protection base, Kaspersky also contains tools to improve your performance, protect
your family and monitor your devices.

It’s availble on three main editions, for home users: Total security, Internet Security and finally, the most basic solution,
Anti-Virus. Different editions have additional features, where Total Security it’s the premium edition that includes everything.
Check out what’s the right product for your needs.

On this tutorial, I want to share with you how to activate the Kaspersky 2017 products line. I believe that every user should
stay protected against cyber atacks without any costs.

The article was updated on 17th September with images and more detailed instructions. Added new reset tool version and now supports Kaspersky latest version available

Getting the offline setup with trial license


Software companies, sometimes, offer their products with limited free experimental time. This means you can try their products
without paying.

Typically, you can do it for some amount of days, like 30-60 days, while others allow you to run the program only a few number
of times, etc. It’s also common to see promo codes or licenses that allow you to extend the trial up to 90 days or maybe
180 days. You can look at the Promotional section, below, to see if there’s something available, that I am aware

Kaspersky allows you to use their products for 30 days, and after that, you must purchase the product.

You can download the setups from official Kaspersky website. However, to make your life easier and avoid registration to
newsletter, you can download the full setup (not online installer) below for Anti-virus, Internet Security and Total Security
editions. The links are from official sources, and are in English (USA).


Once you have the setup file on your local disk, you can run it and begin the installation process. The first window should
look like below. You just need to click Continue button to move on.

Setup first window look

Now that installation is done and Kaspersky has loaded it’s processes (which take a few seconds), you need to Enable the trial.
This is something that Kaspersky products don’t do automatically. The user is responsable to start the trial itself.

However, no need to worry. It’s very simple. On the Kaspersky’s dashboard, click on that red button located on the bottom
telling License is missing. It will take you straighaway to Activation view where you must click the link
Activate trial version of the application.

Activation Windows view

Afterwards, you will have a license with 30-days.

Promotional section

Nothing to show here


The concept of Trial Resetting

As far as I know, there’s no way, yet, of fully activating Kaspersky products for a long period of time. Instead, it’s used
what we call of Trial Reset tools. The name speaks for itself. It consists of re-enabling the trial license, that’s
free and available for everyone.

In other words, the software developers allow you to use the 30-days trial only once per machine. If you attempt to re-install,
the program know you already used the trial and you will give you 0-days of usage and try to force you to purchase the program.
What trial reset tools does, is reset the counter.

Therefore, if you install a 30-day trial, whenever you use the tool, you will get back those 30 days. However, if you use
a 90-day trial, whenever you reset, you will get those 90-days license time again.

The negative side of this is requires manual work. I mean, every time your license is expiring, you must run the tool and
reset the counter. On the other hand, you litterally have a life time product license because you can reset how many times
you wish.

Download the Trial Reset

Great! Now, that you have some basic knowledge about Trial Reset tools, we are ready to go.

Download the Trial Reset tool below (click on the button). I recommend you to disable the real time protection first.

The file may be reported as HackTool.


Now that you have Kaspersky installed and the tool on your local disk, let’s try it. Below are the instructions for it.

Open Kaspersky dashboard.

Go under Settings. Do it clicking on the gear icon button located on the window bottom.

Now on Settings view, click on Additional and then Self Defense. Uncheck the box by clicking on it.

Exit/Close Kaspersky. A simple way of doing so is expand the system tray, right-click on Kaspersky icon and then click Exit.

Run the KRT_5.1.0.25.exe (the trial reset tool) with administrator rights. Click on button Reset activation. A message box will pop up. Click Yes and that’s it.

Unless you changed the tool settings, Kaspersky should start and with Self Defense enabled. Anyway, always check it because it’s an important security feature.

Finally, you need to repeat the steps you did after installing Kaspersky for the first time: enable trial licensing


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