Norton 2016 Trial Reset (obsolete)

Norton was on the past one of best security products available on the market for home users. These days, Norton has quite a bad reputation. I am not doing a product review or judging this product, but I want to show you how you can activate Norton 22.5. This was tested with Norton Security (Deluxe), but it should work for Security Premium too.
I am updating this article to support 22.6 version.

This article is not working – 14th May
I am looking for a solution for this. Thanks for your great feedback


Where to download?
Even if you have Norton installed on your PC, I recommend you to uninstall it and use the below trials with 90 or 60 days.
Visit Norton download center
90 days trial (22.5)
Norton Security (now known as Norton Security Deluxe)

60 days trial (22.0)
Norton Security (now known as Norton Security Deluxe)
Norton Security & Backup (now known as Norton Security Premium)


Installing and backup data files for future updates

Brief explanation

Once you install Norton and setup a new account, make sure to run Live update to get update to 22.6. Note that the above setups I provide you have 90-60 days trial and are respectively to 22.5 and 20.0 versions. Also, you enter an email that already benefited of trial period, you might got an error. Sadly, you will have to create a new Norton account!
As I explained above, this trick consists on backup up data files that contain your Norton account information, but also information about remaining time of trial experience. Once you configure Norton, you will have 60-90 days. Now, imagine you copy those files I mentioned somewhere on your PC or any external storage device. Once your trial is expiring (approaching 0 days), if you replace the data files you copied with 90-60 days trial, you will have again 60-90 days. And there’s no need of creating new accounts, which is a good addition.

Now that you have an idea about what we are going to do, shall we move from theory to practice? 🙂




Backup data files

This is a very important step for future trial resets.
Browse to C:ProgramDataNorton0000082 using Windows Explorer. You should find at least one folder. On my case, after updating to 22.6 version, I got two folders in there. I think each folder is build number specific. Anyway, open the folder with most recent modified date.

I am not absolutely sure about this, but the folder 00000226 is for Norton 22.5 while 00000234 is for Norton 22.6, and there should be another folder if you had Norton 22.0.
As I said, open the most recent date modified folder.
Now that I am browsing C:ProgramDataNorton00000820000234, I found another folder, 00000A69. If you have found a folder with different name or multiple folders, let me know.
Inside of that folder, you will find two data files: cltLMS1.dat and cltLMS2.dat
Just copy them and save them somewhere. Notice, whenever you want to reset your trial you need this files.

Also note that those files contain the remaining time for trial period. Imagine that you have 85 remaining days, when you replace this files later you will only have 85 days.

How to reset my trial?

You only need to do this when your trial is ending. Currently I have 83 days after installing 90 days trial. This is just to proof you this works.


  • Go to Norton main page, Settings and disable Norton Tamper Protection (15 minutes are enough)
  • Go to Task Manager (right click on taskbar or search it on start menu) and end all Norton processes


Browse to the same path on the previous section and just replace files.


That’s it. You will have your trial licence again.


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