Can’t connect to Internet after wake up PC

On laptops/notebooks, is very common to deal with Wireless connection problems. With my experience, a lot of users ask me how to fix authentication issues after wake up the computer that was set to sleep or hibernate. More specifically with Windows 8.x and older, like Windows 10, that also may happen after set the PC to shutdown (on most recent Windows versions, when you set the PC to shutdown it actually doesn’t shutdown all services/processes, in fact, it will use something likely to Hibernation).
To describe more precisely the problem here, is that after your power on PC, Windows won’t automatically connect to your default Wi-fi, and unfortunately you can’t do it manually either, it will always fail. To solve the problem you can Restart Windows or through Device Manager disable and enable again your Wireless driver. Yes, from what I know, it’s not an Operating System issue, it seems more likely to be a driver software problem. In my case, my card is Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG, and the problem must be with the driver released by Intel. Sure, it might affect other cards too. Back to “how to fix-it” explain, I already mentioned two workarounds, but they only fix the problem temporarily, as you set your PC to sleep, hibernate or shutdown, after you wake it up and problem still.

How to fix it?
After this introduction, I think is time to move on to a permanent fix.
First, you will open Device Manager. This can be done many different ways.

  • For Windows 8.x and newer you can press both Windows key and X key or simply right-click on Start Menu icon. Then click Device Manager.
  • For older Windows versions, you can search on Start Menu or in Run type mmc devmgmt.msc



Once on Device Manager, go to Network adapters, right-click over your Wireless adapter, click Disable. Repeat this process but this time Enable it. Now you must be able to connect to the Internet. This is just a temporary fix. Finally, to prevent future issues, right-click one more time hover your Wireless adapter, go to Properties and on Power Management tab make sure the box Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power is unchecked.

That is it. I hope this solve your problem 🙂

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