Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Crack

Install KIS 2014 trial ...

The first thing I have to do is install the 30 trial day of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 or AntiVirus 2014. So, click one of the next buttons to chose what product you prefer. When you click it. it will start downloading the Setup. When completed, run the .exe file and install it.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 (Portuguese - English)
Kaspersky AntiVirus 2014 (Portuguese - English)

Activating 3 months trial 
Need help? See the images ... Click in them to see in Full Screen. 

The Kaspersky that you installed in your PC, only has 30 days to use. But I have one good new. There is available a key that provides you 91 days trial. How I do that?
1- Click in Enter activation code
2- Click in Activate application
3- Enter the next code. Select it, right-click, Copy. Then in KIS windows, right-click in box and Paste
The code is: QCGUH-J8FF6-33WGA-UBY62
4- Click Activate
5- Wait a moment ... when done it will appear a message saying that activation was successfully done. You have now 91 days to use Kaspersky.


After 91 days ...
Now is time to use a Trial Reset program. Before you download it, you may disable the Kaspersky Protection. For that, right-click in Kaspersky icon in notification area like the next image. It will make appear a context menu. Click Pause Protection. It will appear a new window. Select the first option and then more than 5 minutes. You can also chose the third option Pause. Is the same. Click in Pause Protection button

Now, we have to disable the Self-Defence
In the main window, go to Settings < Additional < Self-Defense
Uncheck the box and click Accept in the MessageBox that will show up.


Right-click in Kaspersky icon in notification area like the next image. It will make appear a context menu. Click Exit.
Before you continue, save and close all your work
Now we are ready to reset the trial of Kaspersky. Download the activator here (checked last time 01-04-2014), or here (updated last time 27/04/2014) unzip and run the .exe file
Remember it must be run as administrator. The activator is in russian but no problem. Is easy :)
Click the first button like in image. It will appear a MessageBox. When you click YES and Windows will restart.

Now that windows restarted, open the Main Window of Kaspersky. It will say that you don´t have a licence. Easy! Paste again the key of 91 days trial and you will get it again. Follow the steps I showed in Activating 3 months trial section.


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  1. your download link does not work

    1. Now is working fine. Sorry :)

    2. Activation error. License is blocked

  2. Thank U so much!! It really works!! :-)

  3. Ciao,scusami,ma dove li trovo i link per il download del trial'Grazie.


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  6. This post is very effective for me because I have been looking this code. so thanks again.

  7. its working!tq..but after got 3 months...how about the self defense?disable or enable?

  8. thanks!..how about self defense?enabling again or not?

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  10. Thanks a lot. How about "update" ? can I?

  11. the activation key is blocked... :(

  12. the activation code is blocked... do u have another one?

    1. if the activator is working properly you can try a 30 day trial key(you can find them everywhere on internet

    2. Thanks for your feedback. I will test it again and try to give you new keys... Thanks :)

    3. I found only 90 days keys.. where I can find 30 days trial key??

  13. Respostas
    1. I am working in a new method :) be patient please ... just a few hours

    2. Good news?? :) My trial expires in 7 days..

    3. Finally :)


  14. I have great news ... I am already typing the second method of activation. Every time you do it, you get not 30 days, not 90 days but more than 250 days :)
    I did a fresh installation of my Windows so I will also do a video tutorial :)

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  16. plz post the steps soon.. my trial ends in 3 days.. thanks in advance :)

    1. http://hyrokumata.blogspot.pt/2014/04/kaspersky-2014-activation.html

      It is ready man :)

  17. Fábio, o KAV está com erro, obrigado

    1. Pode explicar melhor o seu problema??
      Se quiser, pode sempre mandar e-mail para hyrokumata@outlook.com (para mostrar imagens é sempre mais fácil)

  18. To Download Kaspersky

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  19. I'm getting this error :
    windows cannot access specified device, path or file.You may not the appropriate permissions to access the item.

    what can I do

    1. Can you explain it better please? When did you get that error?

  20. Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 is a good antivirus to protect pc from harmful viruses. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Kaspersky internet Security is a Realy nice and Fantastic Antivirus Thanks For Sharing This.

  22. No longer working. Says the download has been deleted due to multiple violations. So close.... but yet so far away.


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